For over 35 years we have been providing innovative technological services focusing on the design & installation of audiovisual, IT, lighting & security systems.



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System Design

At PANOU we invest in listening and really understanding your needs & vision so that our project design will not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations. We have extensive experience in project designing and several certificates of competence in the field of installations, project management and maintenance. Our experts create their designs based on detailed technical analysis and involve themselves actively in solution implementation and completion. As a result, any problems or difficulties that occur are solved in real time.

Our Technical Design involves the following steps:

  • Defining technical solution requirements
  • Defining system architecture (functional and technical architecture)
  • Defining system functionality
  • Presentation of the infrastructure: equipment, systems and software applications

Depending on customers’ requirements, the design stage may also include interior design services:

  • Consulting
  • Design work: surveys, sketches and drawings, 3D renderings and 2D schematic plans
  • Detail interior design: floor plan, furniture plan, cross-sections, ceiling plan, detail drawings, materials and finish

Project Management

After the initiative stage, the project is planned to an appropriate level of detail. The main purpose is to plan time, cost and resources adequately, in order to estimate the project as a whole and effectively manage potential risk factors during execution.

Our Project Planning process consists of the following steps:

  • Plan determination
  • Developing the scope statement
  • Selecting the planning team
  • Identifying deliverables and creating the work breakdown structure
  • Identifying the activities needed to complete those deliverables and networking the activities in their logical sequence
  • Estimating the resource requirements for the activities
  • Estimating time and cost
  • Developing the schedule
  • Determining the budget
  • Risk planning

Additional processes, such as communication planning and scope management, identification of roles and responsibilities, determination of the equipment and the holding of a kick-off meeting, are also planned by the project management team.


The conditions for the construction phase are set after the completion of the design phase. System installation and commissioning are key factors in the system’s proper operation in time. We follow the highest standards, ensuring that installation is achieved by experienced specialists, who understand the importance and the implications of their work.


We test and inspect every single aspect and component for the proper operation of the system, prior to delivery.

Maintenance | Repair | After Sales Support

We offer quality, integrated solutions that ensure long and reliable system operation. Moreover we provide a wide range of services including maintenance and support services, diagnosis and repair of malfunctions and failures – all transacted by our experienced Technical Team. 

User Training

Maximum harnessing of system resources is subject to high knowledge of systems` functionalities. Training the end-user on a PANOU- designed system is a mandatory step towards successful completion of any project. All systems installed by us are explained in detail to our clients during special training sessions. We are committed to help our clients achieve the skills and expertise needed to use their systems effectively and easily. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of technical training and education services designed for individuals, companies and public organizations in order  to acquire, maintain and optimize their operational skills.