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Combining experience, expertise and professionalism, PANOU provides high technology integrated security solutions for security systems of any scale and complexity. Throughout our presence in both domestic and international markets, we have designed and installed security solutions ranging from simple private building security systems, to complex national border protection systems.

PANOU S.A. provides advanced integrated security systems for both:


Private sector

Our Private Security Solutions provide holistic & reliable protection at all times and may be applied to every type of facility, from private residences to entire buildings. 

– CCTV: We are experienced in the design, installation and maintenance of both large and small CCTV systems, that will ensure your site has a highly sophisticated monitoring system. By using the right cameras and DVR’s for your requirements you can be assured that your CCTV system will surpass your expectations.

– Thermal camera systems: Our thermal security camera systems combined with our CCTV solutions, will complete your security network. Turn night into day and detect threats in the best way than a camera surveillance technology can.

– Advanced video analytics systems: We can integrate advanced video analytic software in your security system allowing you to configure alerts and to create insightful reports that can help you optimize your business operations and prevent crisis situations before they fully develop. Our video analytic systems can triggers alarms in a unified security platform when an pre-configured event is detected.

– Alarm systems: security equipment and systems are synchronized in the best possible way in order to provide your rooms, residences, offices or even buildings of any size, with the most advanced intrusion security technology.

– Fire detection systems: We offer a great variety of systems and products for reliable and precise fire detection.

– Access control systems: Our access control systems provide security by granting control to the designated handler over who may or may not enter a building guaranteeing the reduction of thefts and eliminating the unauthorized access to information, documents etc. Moreover our access control systems give you the opportunity to export daily reports or periodical attendance charts. PANOU cooperates with the leading access control system manufacturers worldwide to ensure our access control solutions reliably protect and secure identities and assets.

– Special applications sensors (Outdoor beams, buried cables & microphone): We install state – of – the – art sensors that detect movement and sounds, indoors and outdoors. Thus, the effectiveness of your security system is enhanced by providing you with an extra layer of protection.

– Cable fence for perimeter security: We can protect your security-sensitive site by additionally installing a cable fence detection system which effectively pinpoints perimeter disturbances and eliminates nuisance alarms.

– Building Integration System (BIS) platforms: We offer you a complete package that combines CCTV and thermal cameras, access control, video surveillance, fire alarm, public address, intrusion detection and automation – all in one convenient management solution. Now you can feel worry-free with a PANOU integrated solution for your security management!

– Art Security & Asset Tagging (RFID): Galleries, museums, private collectors, corporations and public institutions, can protect valuable works of art, paintings, installations and ceramics with our Art Security & Asset Tagging solutions so that when conventional security systems such as CCTV, manned guarding and alarm systems are inadequate or turned off, your systems remain protected.

– Evacuation systems: We design and deliver solutions of the highest standards in regards to safety and protection during serious and critical incidents. Our advanced voice evacuation systems ensure that everyone – even those who are not familiar with a particular building or unaware of the locations of emergency exits– will be able to safely escape the danger zone following the emergency guidance.

– Automation Systems for your Security Solutions: State of the art Automation solutions that fully control your security systems. With an easy-to-use graphical interface, you can control a large number of subsystems without the need of training or prior experience. Our automation systems include software and hardware that can fully control your security, audiovisual, lighting, shading, heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems by integrating them into one user-friendly front-end interface.

• Residences & apartments
• Companies
• Museums | Galleries
• Hotels
• Malls
• Stadiums
• Universities, schools, institutes
• Boats & Yachts

Homeland Security

Our Homeland security solutions focus in providing the Public Sector with high technology integrated security systems. 

Our highly specialized team has delivered large scale projects for the Public Sector such the Hellenic Police’s Helicopter Airborne Video Systems, the image Transfer Systems from Airship, the implementation of Mobile and fixed Command Centers (installed in several Greek regions), monitoring, tracking and communication systems, AIS systems (Automatic Identification System) in ships and harbors. We are proud to have been part of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games security project (C4i) in which we provided the Hellenic Security Forces with innovative technology integrated security systems. Moreover, PANOU was awarded the contracts for the design, supply and installation of Optical and Audio Passenger Announcement system in the Athens Underground trains and the implementation of the Athens International Airport Police Command Center.

Our Homeland Security Solutions include:

Border surveillance: Integrated monitoring and detection solutions for land and sea borders. Radar, special cameras, encrypted communication systems, special Fusion information & management software.

Special Interception systems – Lawful Interception (LI)Specialized electronic monitoring systems as well as Cyber Security systems for special applications.

Mobile Command Centers: Specially made vehicles of various types (cars, trucks, vans, bus type vehicles, etc.) that include automations for easy & fast handling of systems and applications as well as dedicated software to support its special function.

Control centers: Tailor-made solutions designed for monitoring, controlling and utilizing data of the highest security of national companies and public bodies.


    1. Security forces (Police, port, fire brigade, gendarmerie)
    2. Armed forces
    3. Ministries
    4. Embassies
    5. AirportsGovernmental authorities & organizations)

LED / video walls, projectors, digital signage, conference equipment, interactive screens, audio and automation systems

Information Technology (IT)

IT infrastructure, management storage & data security solutions, Consulting services


Architectural lighting of indoor and outdoor spaces, theaters, TV studios, concert halls and entertainment centers


Surveillance systems, security cameras & video analytics software, perimeter security, access & evacuation control systems and national defense systems