For over 35 years we have been providing innovative technological services focusing on the design & installation of audiovisual, IT, lighting & security systems.



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PANOU provides integrated IT solutions for both the private & public sector with the aim of maximizing competitiveness and efficiency for its clients. Our company’s strategic partnerships with leading international brands, together with the expertise of our engineers ensure the optimum & most reliable solution for our clients.

PANOU’s IT Solutions include:

IT infrastructure:

PANOU provides all hardware & software solutions an organization may need in terms of IT infrastructure, focusing on the unique needs of the end-user.

Data security:

Security at all levels of the IT infrastructure especially focusing in the protection of an organization’s major asset ie.its data is the key for any company’s smooth operation.

Storage solutions & management:

With high expertise in implementing major projects in Storage Management, PANOU provides its customers with both the infrastructure for storage & management solutions but also with the highest level of support.

Network designs:

Our network designs which include distribution topologies, bandwidth analysis, detailing of active network switching equipment, wireless, firewalls, IP

IT consulting services:

PANOU’s consulting and services range from IT Infrastructure Assessments & Cloud Planning and Hosting Designs, to Vulnerability Assessments and the design of Compliance Procedures.

In more detail:



We provide all hardware & software solutions an organization may need in terms of IT infrastructure, focusing on the unique needs of the end-user. Our solutions include:

  • Hardware & Software: Supply and installation of hardware and software products such as: computer systems (Servers), storage units (Storage), back -up on-premise & cloud solutions, networking, network security, firewalls, antispam devices, antivirus , data-leak-protection (DLP), mail servers, load balancers, monitoring software, exchange & active directory.
  • Data Center Design & Construction: Integrated solutions for the design and construction of modern data centers, including: UPS
  • Structured cabling: Complete tailor-made solutions to satisfy every need. From planning and design to installation, expansion and improvement of structured cabling.
  • Wireless Wi-Fi network and Internet access: Wireless Wi-Fi network and Internet access solutions. Ideal for companies and building infrastructures, but also for individuals and households, in order to avoid expensive and time consuming wire insertion process in buildings.
  • Call centers & PBX: Unified communication management solutions (Unified Communication), image and data transfer, mobility solutions and IP telephony communication management. Functions for automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, etc.
  • IT consulting services: consulting services, including on technical & financial matters, aiming to create the optimal tailor-made operating system adapted to the specific needs of each client.



We provide integrated data protection solutions to prevent unauthorized access to computers, databases, websites & networks. Our solutions include:

  • Security analysis:
    • Vulnerability assessment
    • Penetration testing
    • Security reporting
  • Cyber Intelligence and Security:
    • Government Cyber Security
    • Data/Voice Content filtering
    • Lawful Interception
  • Perimeter & Data Center Security:
    • Next generation firewalls
    • UTM appliances
    • Mail & web security
    • DDos protection
    • Fraud protection
    • Anti-Targeted Attack
  • Endpoint security:
    • Antivirus
    • Antispam
    • Web filtering
    • Application & device control
    • Mobile protection & management
    • DPL
    • NAC
    • Encryption



We optimize the process and policy by which the required data is stored, and by which its accessibility, reliability and timelessness is ensured. Our storage and management solutions include:

  • Storage consolidation:SAN, NAS, cloud storage solutions
  • Disaster recovery:Backup, archive, deduplication



PANOU S.A. provides comprehensive end-to-end design solutions for IT/Telecommunication Infrastructure for the Built Environment. Our designers are experienced with all aspects of International Telecommunication standards, including EIA / TIA and the BICSI Telecommunication standards, as well as the requirements of the local Telecommunications Regularity Authorities. Our design process includes distribution topologies, copper and fiber structured cabling systems, patch panels, cable management, intelligent patching systems, equipment racks, bandwidth analysis , detailing of active network switching equipment, wireless, firewalls, IP telephony systems etc.

We work closely with Architects and Engineers to design and coordinate equipment room spaces, operation areas, outlet locations, containment and infrastructure, MEP and structural requirement and allocations, and security of the planned equipment and spaces. Accurate implementation of the design is fundamental during the build and installation stages. PANOU S.A. offers full post-contract site supervision services in order to ensure that our clients are delivered a reliable, manageable and efficient end product.



We provide a wide range of consulting services, including on technical and economic issues in order to create the optimal operating system model for each individual clients based on their actual needs. From support services, from the early stages of the system implementation (design) to the installation and maintenance, training, technical support and the outsourcing services, we are right beside you. Our Consulting Services include the following:

  • IT Infrastructure Assessments: Evaluation of your current IT infrastructure in order to determinate where you are and where you need to be. That kind of assessments should become before any cloud migration, hardware or software change.
  • Cloud Planning and Hosting: We guide you to select the best industry technologies, such as Office 365, for email collaboration, office productivity, document sharing, web site integration, and seamless migration from any environment. We help you select cloud hosting solutions depending your business needs.

Cyber Security Consulting Services

  • Vulnerability Assessment: Snapshot of the security and technological level with initial identification of critical vulnerabilities and creation of roadmap for addressing them.
  • Security Policy Assessment & Update: Analysis of the infrastructure security, business processes, applications and infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement and provision of proposals for the innovation or creation of security policies.
  • Information Security Management Architecture: Installation of the information security infrastructure, creating security policies and procedures that are corresponding to security requirements and customer needs.
  • Compliance: Preparation of the company establishing the necessary policies and procedures for compliance with laws and regulations related to information management and organizational activities like ISO 27001, SOX, PDPA, etc.

LED / video walls, projectors, digital signage, conference equipment, interactive screens, audio and automation systems

Information Technology (IT)

IT infrastructure, management storage & data security solutions, Consulting services


Architectural lighting of indoor and outdoor spaces, theaters, TV studios, concert halls and entertainment centers


Surveillance systems, security cameras & video analytics software, perimeter security, access & evacuation control systems and national defense systems