For over 35 years we have been providing innovative technological services focusing on the design & installation of audiovisual, IT, lighting & security systems.



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AudioVisual Solutions

PANOU S.A. is a leader in the design & installation of integrated audiovisual systems. With over 35 years designing, installing and maintaining audiovisual systems, our company provides tailor-made, reliable and user friendly integrated solutions. Following quality standards, excellent services and cutting-edge technologies, PANOU offers its customers a unique audiovisual experience.


For every use and application inside and outside buildings.


Our portfolio includes a wide range of monitors designed to fulfill every expectation. Ideal for retail environments, public information points, reception areas, education environment and meeting rooms.

Projection screens:

Be it for homes and residencies or for corporations and commercial buildings, we offer a great variety of high quality projection screens.

Video/LED walls:

Display your videos, messages, pictures or simple texts to high resolution video windows. Ideal for broadcast studios & control rooms, monitoring centers, telecom companies, police & governmental control rooms, retail shops, museums, concerts, amusement parks, malls, etc.

Video Servers:

Video Server solutions create content that enables you to enjoy movies/music at any time, in whichever room of your house you may be. The Video Server stores and copies all your Blu-ray and DVD movies and perfectly displays your entire collection on screen. Find your preferable movie, or search for your favorite music, as easy as never before.

Digital signage systems:

customizable digital signage systems that include both the hardware and the digital signage software so that you control & change your content remotely and enjoy central content administration. With our digital signage solutions you can have the most effortless, effective and targeted messaging attracting customers and increasing revenues and brand recognition. We cooperate with the industry leaders, in order to provide you with the most advanced digital signage software and hardware solutions.


Communicate with your executives or clients more quickly and effectively, wherever you are. Be updated, take decisions remotely and strengthen relationships with your customers. Our solutions, combine exceptional quality, user simplicity, administrator manageability and video communication and transform a simple discussion to a productive, true-to-life experience.

Interactive boards & monitors:

Just use your finger or stylus to navigate into multimedia content, web etc. and turn static information into dynamic activities.

Conference systems:

We provide you with a variety of advanced hardware and software solutions for simultaneous interpretation, conference discussion, voting and software management that include Digital microphone systems, Digital translation, Voting systems and Wired or wireless conference solutions.

Audio Systems:

Complete high quality audio solutions with products that meet every requirement. In collaboration with the largest manufacturers worldwide, PANOU provides specialized solutions that cover your every need in regards to audio solutions. Ideal for conference centers, amphitheaters, theaters, training centers, schools, hotels, , stadiums, etc.

Acoustic Designs/Studies For High-End Spaces:

aimed at evaluating and controlling the quality of the final sound result, noise level and resonances in a space. Our acoustic studies are recommended for the following spaces: concert halls, amphitheaters, theaters, cinemas, operas, studios, businesses & private homes.

Hotel TV:

The hotel TVs are specially designed for hotels and accommodation corporations. They are the ideal solution for tourism enterprises as they combine the excellent aesthetics with high-performance image, while contributing to the reduction of the operational costs.

Simulation & Virtual reality Systems:

We provide integrated solutions based on advanced simulation and virtual reality systems. We design, install and support real time immersive systems and we have exceptional and innovative reference projects in our portfolio. Our Simulation & Virtual reality Systems include 4D/5D/6D Cinemas, Stereoscopic projections, Holographic & Volumetric Displays, Motion Capture & Tracking, Real time professional applications, 3D productions, Real-Time Graphics Clusters, Educational & training simulators.

Control Room Dedicated Audiovisual Systems:

We offer tailor-made, completely integrated solutions for control rooms that include Video walls, Cube monitors, LCD monitors, Dedicated furniture for control rooms.

Automation Systems for your audiovisual Solutions:

State of the art Automation solutions that fully control your audiovisual systems. With an easy-to-use graphical interface, you can control a large number of subsystems without the need of training or prior experience. Our automation systems include software and hardware that can fully control your audiovisual, lighting, shading, heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and security systems by integrating them into one user-friendly front-end interface. You have the control over every application in your home only with the use of a button! This means that you can enjoy your favorite music or video in the same quality no matter where you are in the house, bedroom, living room or cinema room. Watch any High Definition Videos. Enjoy 1,080p quality and Dolby digital and DTS audio from all different sources: BluRay, Cable, Satellite, VUDU™, Netflix®, Apple® TV and more.


LED / video walls, projectors, digital signage, conference equipment, interactive screens, audio and automation systems

Information Technology (IT)

IT infrastructure, management storage & data security solutions, Consulting services


Architectural lighting of indoor and outdoor spaces, theaters, TV studios, concert halls and entertainment centers


Surveillance systems, security cameras & video analytics software, perimeter security, access & evacuation control systems and national defense systems