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Project Overview

PANOU, within the framework of the European E-sponder Program was responsible for the design, construction and preparation of the specially adapted MEOC vehicle (Mobile Emergency Operations Center), managing to integrate numerous types of technologies together to create a state-of-the-art Mobile first responder.

The E-SPONDER, the Mobile Emergency Operations Center was built upon multiple real-time datacentric IT, Audiovisual and Security technologies and applications including GIS platform,

 portal (remote access) , 2D / 3D user interface, Videoconferencing systems , LPS (precise positioning of FRs), Health status follow-up systems and FRs. The fusion of field-derived data within a central system provides information analysis and decision support applications from out of theatre command and control centers to first responders (FR) on the ground (e.g. police, firefighters, rescue forces) during crises (such as fires, earthquakes, riots, contaminations, plane crashes, pandemics etc). The E-SPONDER enables improved control and coordination, resulting in real time synchronization between all levels of action.

Audiovisual, IT, Security