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Conference systems

We provide you with a variety of advanced hardware and software solutions for simultaneous interpretation, conference discussion, voting and software management.

  • Digital microphone systems

    The technology used, can be either analog for an easy-to-use stand-alone microphone system that offers reliability, quality and low costs, or digital with audio processing in real time. This means there is no audio compression and the users have the opportunity to experience excellent sound quality in every language.

  • Digital translation systems 

    High quality wireless audio distribution and interpretation systems for congress specialists.

  • Voting systems 

    Voting systems create interaction in a way that increases participant`s interest, encourages participation and improves comprehension. Our voting solutions are ideal for any application wired and wireless. Voting devices quickly record audience`s answers during meetings, trainings or surveys and are ideal for opinion polling, benchmarking, and speaker`s feedback.

  • Wired or wireless conference systems



  • Hotels
  • Companies
  • Banks
  • Governmental authorities & organizations
  • Universities, schools, institutes